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Abundance Is Inside You

Nature’s Bounty

Abundance does not mean the ability to buy many things.

It means being able to recognize abundance in everything that is around you.

  • It is raining incessantly. Are you able to appreciate nature’s bounty in the rain falling?
  • A Lady is walking her dog in the morning, and the puppy prances around her having a good time. Can you relate to the wellspring of joy the dog is experiencing?
  • You are walking past a fruit store, and there is an array of succulent apple, oranges, and other fruits. Do you observe the aliveness and beauty of the fruits?
  • When you wake up as the Sun is rising on the horizon. Do you wonder at the opulence of the Sun?
  • Do you appreciate the life-giving energy of the atmosphere that envelopes and sustains all of us?

The feeling of abundance does not come from any external source, based on something you acquire or get. It is a feeling that comes from within you.

Acknowledging the beauty that is already there in your life is the foundation for all abundance you wish for yourself.

You don’t necessarily have to be the rich according to the traditional material viewpoint.`

If you can see the abundance in everything that surrounds you, you are rich.

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