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Five Rules To Live

Rules of Life

How do I want to show up to the world every day?

Do I have some first principles to frame the way I want to lead my life every day? I am penning some of my rules of life. Perhaps, you would have come across some of these in some context or the other. I hope these can serve as a friendly reminder.

Be Nice to yourself and the world: You are unique. You have your strengths and your weakness. You do good work most times, but sometimes mistakes also happen. Don’t beat yourself up when mistakes happen and celebrate when you do well at something. Accept yourself for who you are. When you are nice to yourself, you will naturally be nice to the world around you and the world will be nice to you.

Be Authentic: Faking it a waste of time and energy, and you don’t fool anyone-yourself or others. And in the end, it will fill you with self-disgust. So, show up for who you are. Let the world see your passion and you expressing it fully. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Ensure that your actions align with the words you speak.  

Be Vulnerable: Everyone of us has some weaknesses, flaws, fears. Even Superman has his weak spots. Don’t be afraid of opening up and letting the world see your flaws and imperfections. It’s ok to accept that you can be wrong, and you can be weak. Being Vulnerable is being courageous, and it is a sign of your strength. When you embrace vulnerability, you liberate yourself from wasting energy to keep up appearances.

Don’t be defensive: It is human to judge, and someone or the other will always have a view or an opinion about you. Don’t let your ego fool you into taking offense and making you feel like a victim. Wasting your emotional energy, feeling inadequate, and trying to change what others may say, does not serve you in any way.

Don’t hide in the shadows: Show up and make yourself count. Communicate. Get curious. Meet people. Share ideas. Show up and make yourself count. Let the world(Not just your close friends) know who you are. Make your work speak for you.

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