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In The Moment There Is No Past Or The Future

In The Moment
In The Moment

Whenever we encounter a challenge or an issue of any sort, we feel discomfort.

If the challenge is Physical, e.g., you are training for a Marathon, the discomfort starts with being physical-. Breathlessness, tiredness, body aches, Muscle Cramps, etc. But it manifests as a pain in the mental realm- in our Mind. Your mental strength of resolve determines whether you give in to the discomfort or push through the pain barrier until a point where you can’t go further.

When we are not grappling with Physical challenges, we are often dealing with intellectual or emotional challenges. Solving a tricky relationship issue, finding a solution for technical problems at the workplace, investing our money to multiply our wealth, or making yourself stand out when considered for promotion.

When dealing with issues that challenge us mentally, our Mind grapples with two fundamental emotions.

  1. Fear and anxiety- This comes from our thoughts of the future. “what awful scenario might play out” or “IF something wrong happens, what will it do to me.”
  2. Psychological Pain- This comes from our negative thoughts of the past. “why did I have to fail the interview” or “Why did I have to tell lies, now I will get caught”

These two emotions need our thoughts of the past or the future to keep us locked in our Mind’s prison. Instead of focussing on the Present, we obsess about the past or what may happen in the future.

How can we avoid the trap of this mental chatter that pulls us back?

Let me tell you it is certainly not by willing your Mind to not think about the past or the future. There is only one thing that any of us can do. 

We condition ourselves to focus on the present moment(the NOW).

What do I mean by the NOW?

Whatever is happening with you in the moment-Your physical posture, where you are now, your senses, and whatever action you are taking- all these are the NOW. 

You are reading my blog on your mobile, sitting on a chair, and can smell the dinner served- This is your NOW experience. If you are fully immersed in this experience, there is no scope for any thoughts of the past or the future.     

This is a breakthrough concept for me. There is no past or future in the NOW, except as a memory(of the past) or anticipation(of the future) in our Mind.

Therefore, it stands to reason; emotions like fear and pain cannot live in the present moment.

So, if I am in the grip of something that is creating anxiety, all I have to do is bring my focus to whatever I am doing at the moment. If I am not doing anything, I focus on who I am, my body, my breath, and experience life in the NOW.

When we practice living in the present moment, there can be no psychological pain or anxiety. Your experience of your life is in the NOW.

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