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Success Is In The Struggle

Success Is In The Struggle

You are happy and willing to punish your body 4 to 5 hours in the Gym every day. You enjoy the struggle of pushing yourself physically every day. It is very likely that you will be comfortable competing for a Marathon or having a chiseled body.

You enjoy long workweeks and the politics of the corporate ladder. It will be very likely that you will make it into the top management positions in the organization.

You are comfortable being rejected nine times out of ten when pitching solutions to clients. You are likely to come out being the ace salesperson you want to be.

The possibility of a zero Bank Balance does not deter you. You are willing to work insane hours on an idea without knowing whether it will be successful. You’re very likely to be that entrepreneur who makes it in life.

You are an artist in love with your craft to a point where you are very comfortable and embrace the stresses and uncertainties in trying to make a living being an artist- You will undoubtedly make it into the big league as a Painter, Musician, or an Actor.

Your love for the sport and the desire to excel is so intense that you are happy and willing to forego all material comforts and sacrifice regular routines to excel- You are likely to make your mark in the sport !!

Here is the irony. We all want the best paying jobs, experience a great life, travel the world, etc. But, we are unwilling to struggle through 60 hour work weeks, the stress of work, deal with work relationships, and other painful and soul-destroying stuff we have to deal with. We want to enjoy the good life without the risk, without the sacrifice, and without the lag of delayed gratification.

Our success in achieving any objective is entirely a function of the pain we are willing to embrace to pursue the very goal.

The bigger the dream or goal, the more effort, sacrifice, and pain you must be willing to undergo.

You have dreams and goals. Ask yourself “What am I willing to sacrifice, what struggle am I willing to endure to achieve my objective?”

Your honest answer to yourself will tell you how successful you will be.

The truth of our life is this- Our struggles determine our success.

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