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Don’t Ignore Your First Thought

First Thought
Be Aware Of Your First Thought

The CEO asks you and the others assembled in the room, ” I’d love to hear your views. If you have some ideas about how we can improve collaboration at the workplace.”

“Oh, great. I have this idea to implement a digital collaboration tool,” is your first thought. But something holds you back. This thought is killed by a couple of follow up thoughts, ” But, let me wait for someone else to speak first. What if he thinks my idea is lame?” “Last month, I gave another idea, my boss did not think it was great. No point being a cowboy.”

Another example.

You are at the airport( Imaging the world is back to normal). The flight is full. A thought goes through your mind,” it might be my lucky day. I should ask for a free upgrade” the subsequent buzz in your head quickly neutralizes this idea. “But why will they give me a free upgrade. When have I ever got a lucky break,” ” forget it, what if they insult me.”

Here’s the big idea.

Your first thought about anything is always spontaneous, in the moment and represents your true desire. It is unadulterated and pure.

However, the subsequent thoughts that start with “But, why…” and “But, how…” are your limiting beliefs.

You become diffident when you let your limiting thoughts kill your first instinctive thought.

I have this simple mantra that helps me take action.

I look at what my initial thought is and I know that it is the thought that is not polluted by any limitations. Therefore, I choose to ignore the subsequent thoughts because they are my limiting beliefs.

I act on my first thought, and you should too.

  • Maybe there is a “can you please help me” waiting to be asked.
  • Perhaps there is an idea in your head that needs to find expression.
  • Maybe there is a SORRY or a THANK YOU that you want to say to people that matter.

Listen to your First Thought and take action. You will feel powerful.

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