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Insulate Yourself From Negative Influences

Negative Influences
Insulate Yourself

Imagine a small boat floating in the high seas. Whatever the might of the sea, it cannot sink the Boat. The Boat can sink only when there is a hole in its hull somewhere. Even then, all that is required for the Boat to go under is just that amount of seawater that can seep in through the hole, slowly inundating the Boat and eventually sinking it. The high sea on its own cannot do what the hole in Boat can do- sink the Boat.

Our Mindset is like the Boat in a sea of negative influences. No amount of negativity on the outside can damage and pull you down. Unless you allow those influences to get inside your head and subvert your mental peace.

The only way to protect the Boat from sinking is to ensure that the underside and hull are intact and robust so that even a drop of water cannot enter the Boat.

Similarly, if we want to protect ourselves from the disturbance of the world’s misery and negativity, we have to learn to ignore and not pay attention. We have to insulate our Mindset from negative influences.

Ignorance is bliss. There may be someone out there talking ill about you behind your back. As long that news doesn’t reach you, you are peaceful. When you get the information that someone is bad mouthing me, you take in the negativity, and you start feeling bad and miserable.

So be careful about what you want to see, hear, or take inside you. Protect yourself and your Mindset.

Whenever you felt miserable, sad, or depressed, if you look back, those were the moments where you allowed something negative to enter your head and mess with you, when you should have ignored it or kept it outside.

Opinions, judgment, gossip, negative news- keep them away. They are always looking for that breach in your mind to enter and disturb your peace.

Insulate your Mindset against the negative influences to stay strong.

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