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Echo Of Life

Echo Of Life
Life Is An Echo

All of us have some people in our lives whom we love. We also have some we are not excited about.

Now, here is a little mind game.

Think of someone you love dearly. Ask yourself, does that person also love you as much?

Think of someone you dislike. What do you think are the feelings that person has for you?

You know the answer- The person you love also loves you. The person you dislike also shares the same feelings about you.

The example I give is a manifestation of one of the laws of life. We can call it the echo of life. Whatever you feel or do comes back to you, reverberating multiple times like an echo. What you give, you get back.

The echo of life resonates across all facets of our life.

We attract into our lives is what we already have within us.

You want respect. It would help if you were respectful. Naturally, you will see respect coming back to you.

You want a lot of money. You first have to feel abundant and be willing to invest money. When you invest money, it comes back to you manifold.

You want peace in your life. It would help if you were peaceful inside you. When you are peaceful, you will naturally see your interactions happening more peacefully.

You want to attract competence into your team. You have to be competent.

Love, Joy, confidence, you can attract any of these into your life if you have them within you.

Like an echo comes with a lag, many times what you seek may come to you a little late. But it will if you radiate the right energy from your side.

Give and you will get back

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