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Ten Life Lessons During The Covid Era

Life Lessons
There Are Lessons In Adversity

Early this year, when news on the spread of Covid was first hitting the headlines, I was one of the skeptics who felt that everyone was making a big deal out of the normal flu-like phenomena. How wrong I was !!.

We are now in the “Covid Era” with no real end in sight. Workdays, Weekends, and Holidays have collapsed into one typical Operate from Home format where there is no separation between Professional and Personal. 

The world has changed, and we need to accept this simple truth.

As I try to navigate this new world, I am also thinking about what I have learned in the last few months to deal with my future positively. 

Here are Ten Life lessons I want to share with all of you. Hopefully, some of these lessons will act as a reminder for you on what truly matters in life. 

1.Appreciate what you have

Our life can always be better. But, here is a small reminder. If you have a roof over your head, you have work to do, and you and your dear ones are safe, your life is not so bad. Count your blessings and stay positive. There can be no bigger life lesson than this.

2.Exercise every day

In the Pre Covid Normal times, I complained that my days were busy, and I did not have time to exercise. I always had reasons. Today, I have no excuses. The 2 hours of travel time that I save, I can commit to staying in shape. Covid-era has reinforced the importance of being healthy. I must take care of my body.

3. Focus on What You Can Control

When we accept the circumstances, it doesn’t mean we are giving up. We are just making peace with reality. When we do this, we don’t expend any negative emotions worrying and thinking about stuff that’s not in our control. Instead, we stay laser-focused on what we can do.

4. I am not alone

For many, the current situation is very tough and challenging. But, everyone is in the same boat. I am not alone in this. The virus does not discriminate. So I remind myself- “go easy on yourself. Don’t wallow in misery. Know that the entire society is dealing with this pandemic the best way it can.”

5. Stop consuming negative stuff

There is an overdose of negative news, conspiracy theories, political shenanigans, economic misery, doomsday scenarios. There is a risk of overexposure that can cause harm. So, stop consuming negative stuff that does not help you become better in any way.

6. Develop good habits

Reading good books, spending quality time with family, daily journaling, appreciating more, learning music, painting, learning a new language, eating healthy, meditating. There is any number of new positive habits I can develop for myself. Commit time and energy to create new habits.

7. This too shall pass

It feels like this covid era is here to stay forever. But we all know- nothing lasts forever. The dark of the night has to give way to the light of dawn. The pandemic will give way to a better tomorrow.

8. Be generous

Life is an echo. Like the sound reflected back as an echo, life will give back manifold when you give. I am not talking about giving money to charity. It is even more simple. Smile generously, make people laugh, guide others, help those who need help. Share your experiences. Pass it on- Be generous.

9. Read Books

There is nothing more soul elevating than reading great books. We don’t have a lifetime. Buy yourself a kindle or download a kindle and fill the free slots in catching up with books you did not have time to read before.

10. Connect More

Face to face is not happening. Therefore schedule a time and connect with family and friends as if a face-to-face catch-up is happening. Create space to spend some quality time connecting with people who are dear to you.

Every adversity brings with it a set of challenges, hidden opportunities, and life lessons that will help you become a better person. You need to have faith that you will come out on the other side of the Covid Era stronger.

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