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How Strong And How Real Is Your Desire?

Intensity of your desire
What Is The Intensity Of Your Desire Towards Your Goals

A big reason why many of us encounter failure at anything we pursue is because we don’t desire the achievement of the outcome strongly enough.

We don’t desire something as badly as we make it out to be.

Our actions represent the intensity of our desire and often they don’t do justice.

You want to lose weight. But you don’t want to put in that painful effort necessary to change your lifestyle. You put in some superficial effort and hope for some magic to happen.

The problem is with the intensity of your desire. It is not strong enough to make you do whatever is required. Your actions are a reflection of your desires. Superficial actions means superficial desire.

Failure is life’s way to test how badly you desire something. It is a signal to tell you that your desire is not strong enough and that you need to try harder and better.

Look at any aspect of your life that is not going the way you desire.

Ask yourself this question. “How badly do I want it, and what am I willing to do? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve it.?”

Validate your motivation, intention and desire. Are they strong and are they real?

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