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How’s Your Self Belief?

Self Belief
Self Belief Makes It The King Of The Jungle

How’s Your Self Belief? Your potential is limited to the belief you have in yourself.

Your potential is not a function of what your parents, immediate family, your teachers, or your supervisor believes you to be capable of achieving. It is entirely about what you think you are capable of achieving for yourself.

  • You want to be a topper in your school. It does not matter if your teacher feels you can achieve the distinction or not. You must be able to see yourself as a top student.
  • Your family and friends may not feel comfortable about you becoming an entrepreneur. However, if you see yourself as a successful businessman, that is what matters. 
  • Your boss or colleagues may not see you as a star salesperson achieving all the key targets. Do you see yourself as a star capable of success?

You have to believe in yourself first to have a shot at achieving any success.

Here is the interesting part, though. 

This self-belief is not in any way, dependent on the actual results you achieve in any pursuit. It is just an internal locus of power. 

I am aware of many people who have experienced extreme failure, yet they have risen to great success. What is common in all cases? Strong self-belief notwithstanding failures.

All of us experience different forms of failure, but our eventual success is down to whether we believe in ourselves or not.

External circumstances and people around cannot pull you down unless you are pulling yourself down already. It’s that simple.

Water the seed of self-belief every day. When you start helping yourself, you will find that the world around you will begin helping you.

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