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Do Your Failures Teach You Anything?

What Is The Failure Teaching Me?

I have written a couple of times about how failure is a great teacher that helps us grow.

I will qualify this comment. Failure in itself will not help us grow.

It is only when we introspect, reflect mindfully on why we failed, glean out the lessons that we then act upon- That is when we can say a specific failure is a teacher that helps us develop and grow.

No teacher can teach you anything if you, as a student, are not prepared to pay attention and take the lesson.

The next time you encounter a loss of any sort, seek out the lessons learned with these four questions.

  1. What went wrong? 
  2. Why did it go wrong? 
  3. What could you have done differently with the benefit of hindsight?
  4. What will you do the next time you encounter a similar situation?

And then be sure to apply the lessons. That is when you can rightfully say you have learned from your failure.

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