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Your Five Sources Of Generosity


I came across this charming story narrated by Gaur Gopal Das about generosity, which I could not resist sharing.

A very destitute and poor man once approached the Buddha and asked him, “Why am I so poor?”

The Buddha answered, “probably because you don’t practice generosity and charity.”

The poor man was taken aback by this response by the Buddha ” I am a poor, destitute man O Master. How can you be so harsh by suggesting that I don’t practice charity?” he queried.

The Buddha responded by saying.

“Who said you don’t have anything. You have five treasures with you that you can share with others.

First- You have your Smile. It’s free and costs you nothing. A smile from you can create a great impact on anyone you interact with. Share your smile.

Second- You have your Eyes. Look at others with love and compassion. Convey love through your eyes. Make them feel cared for.

Third-You have your Voice. Speak words of kindness and encouragement. Appreciate people and make them feel valued. Spread joy and positivity by using your voice.

Fourth: You have your Heart. With a loving heart, you can wish others well, pray for their well being and happiness. Spread your payers for others through your Heart.

Lastly- You possess the treasure of your Body, which you can use to serve others and do good deeds to help people in need. Your caring gesture can light up someone’s life.”

We sometimes mistake generosity with giving or helping with money. This parable of Buddha tells us that even though someone may be materially poor, he can still be an instrument of doing good in many ways.

Generosity is the ultimate expression of our richness.

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