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Do It Anyway

Do It Anyway

You start your day thinking, “I’ll go for the workout or the run.”

The moment for you to put on your shoes and go out for the run comes. But then, something happens. You don’t feel like it.

This is a common problem we encounter. There are many moments in our daily existence where there are things we want to do, we need to do, and we should do. But, when the moment comes- “We don’t feel like doing it.”

A simple hack I picked up from a few sources has helped me tune myself and not give in to the excuses that keep cropping up in my head.

I call it ” Do it anyway.”

I tell myself that whenever my mind gives out an excuse not to do something that I know I must do, I will do it anyway. There are feelings that I have that are trying to swoop in and hijack me from doing what is essential. I acknowledge these feelings and basically say – “I am going to do it anyway.”

I had a plan to go for a walk. But it’s drizzling outside, and I don’t feel like it. What do I do? I’ll do it anyway. I’ll go for a walk, rain or no rain.

Tell yourself, “I’ll do it anyway.” You will find yourself being more disciplined on matters important, without giving in to your excuses.

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