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Be A Child

Be A Child

I am sure all of us have noticed this.

When a child is unhappy or sad about something, we ask the child, “what is wrong? Why are you unhappy?”

In contrast, if we come across an adult(your spouse, sibling, or friends) who looks very happy, we say, “You seem very happy; any special reason?”

All of us are born happy. Children are intrinsically happy as a default state. A big reason for this is because children don’t live in their heads. They are always in the moment without bothering about the past or the future. They don’t have a cemented ego that makes them analyze the past or imagine the future.

But, as we grow into adulthood, our ego grows and with that a set of desires. Desires are things we don’t have right now and wish we had. Desires pull us out of the moment, reminding us every moment consciously and subconsciously that something is missing in our lives right now. This feeling propels us into a rat race of going after these desires, and this unending loop of chasing our desires takes us away from our natural state of happiness. Because we are in a loop of desiring something all the time.

The child in us becomes an adult, and the natural state of happiness is replaced by a natural state of “non-happiness.”

Happiness becomes a visitor that comes once in a while into our life. And, when it does come, people around ask us, “Hey, what’s up. You look happy?”

Can we do anything to reverse this situation? I am not sure. This is the essence of life. But knowing this has helped me. Like a patient who is happy that the ailment has been identified, I feel happy that I know the reason why I am not naturally happy like a child. I also know what I can do to be in a more naturally happy state.

Like a child, I need to be in the present and try as much as possible not to get stuck into the monkey mind loop running all the time in my head. I should not live in my head and enjoy every moment without thinking about something missing.

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