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Be Inspired- The Incredible Story Of Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha

My friends know that I am always looking for good stories that inspire. This afternoon a friend referred me to watch a video of a talk by a young lady Arunima Sinha.

In this 18 minute talk, Arunima Sinha traces her incredible life story. On a fateful night in 2011, while traveling on a train, a few thugs try to snatch her gold chain. She fights back, but the thugs overpower her and throw her off the moving train. Unfortunately, another train is moving in the opposite direction on a parallel track, and it runs over her leg, cutting it clean while the other leg is also pulverized. She lay there on the railway tracks through the night while rats chewed over her exposed and mutilated leg until people discovered her the next day. Within less than two years of this accident, Arunima becomes the first person to scale Mount Everest with a prosthetic leg. Over the last decade, she has successfully scaled the Top 7 peaks in the world.

I had goosebumps listening to Arunima narrating her story. I am certain that anyone who sees this video will never complain about anything in life.

There are some powerful messages Arunima gives out in her talk.

  • No problem or challenge can handicap you unless you allow yourself to feel handicapped in your mind.
  • Achievement of any sort can happen only if you can imagine it in your mind first. 
  • Luck only favors those who have a desire to win or achieve something. 

Give 18 minutes of your time to watch Arunima’s story. You will find yourself being inspired !! If you can’t follow Hindi, you can read Arunima’s story¬†here.

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