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Your Actions Matter More Than Your Words

The words we speak usually convey the intention we have. However, it is the actions we take that convey the truth about our intentions.

I promise my wife that I will be home by 6.30 pm to drive her somewhere. Unfortunately, something comes up at work, and I am unable to get back home in time. My wife misses her appointment. No matter what my intention may have been, I did not get back home in time. That is the truth. No amount of rationalizing will alter that fact.

People judge us for what we say through our actions. Our actions don’t lie. Unfortunately, many of us try to argue our way to convince others about our true intentions. Why do we do this? Because we are convinced in our minds that our intentions are genuine, but somehow, some extraneous factors prevented us from doing what we said we would do.

So, we feel indignant if someone calls us out for not being true to our words. We want others to sympathize with our inability to do what we said we would.

“How can you be so judgmental. I tried so hard to complete the work, but I got caught in something more important.”

Our actions, not words, are the mirror to our virtues and who we are. We can describe ourselves in any way we believe we truly are- honest, loyal, hardworking, loving parent, problem-solver, etc. We can only strive to be true to these values, not through the words we say, but through the work we do.

The reputation of who you want to be cannot be claimed with words. You can earn it through your actions, bit by bit.

A very dear mentor of mine gave me a lesson of a lifetime when he told me, ” Pramod, don’t tell me you are a joker. Make me laugh !!”

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