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Focus On The Possibilities


Almost all of us have done this at some time in our lives. You say, “I can’t pick up that opportunity, that skill, or that creative hobby”- because you feel you are not talented enough or capable enough.

When you tell others and yourself that you can’t do something as if it were the truth, you start believing the narrative even though it may not be accurate.

Gay Hendriks, in his book The Big Leap, says, “If I cling to the notion that something is not possible, I am arguing in favor of limitations, and if I argue for my limitations, I get to keep them.”

Instead of arguing in favor of limitations, if you were to argue for your possibilities, you would experience a more empowering reality. It is a better choice to prove to yourself that you can do something than try to reinforce to yourself that you can’t.

We all have heard of some version of the story of the two wolves– the good wolf and the mean wolf—the animal which the master feeds more wins. Similarly, whichever idea you feed more in your life will win. The choice is yours. What do you want to feed – limitations or possibilities?

When you focus on limitations, you discover roadblocks; In contrast, you discover opportunities when you focus on possibilities.

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