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Busy Is The Enemy Of Effective

Busy Is the Enemy

There is a race going on to be busy. We want our calendar to be fully loaded. Otherwise, we feel like we are not pulling our weight. We feel like we are missing out. Busyness has become glorified.

You are at work, and you see someone hard at work. You instantly feel like you are caught in a competition. “Oh, he’s so busy. He must be doing some great work. I am not as busy as him, which means I am lazy,” you think.

Wake up ! Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are effective with your time. In fact busy is the enemy of effective. Busier the road, slower the traffic.

A busy person might take an hour to get some task done, and an effective person would very likely get the same job done in 15 minutes.

If you had a choice between being busy and being effective, which would you rather be?

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