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Create More Than What You Consume

Create More Than You Consume

Ever since I started my daily blogging practice, I have begun to consume a lot. I don’t mean food here. I mean consuming information and content- from Books, AudioBooks, Podcasts, Documentaries, Ted Talks, and Social Media. I see all this as a sort of research and inspiration for knowledge and ideas.

While consuming content feels exciting, I have realized that there is a fine line between feeling inspired and feeling bogged down; by whatever I am consuming.

You feel inspired when you come across a concept or an idea that you know you can use in your life. But when you overdose on ideas, there is a diminishing impact. 

How do you balance this situation?

Create More Than What You Consume

I came across this idea of creating more than consuming from one of Seth Godin’s Books, and this completely shifted my perspective about how I spend my time. When I focus on creating more that what I consume, I feel energized and productive.

What is the idea behind creating?  

Anything that involves putting in physical or emotional labor is a form of creating. Writing, painting, video blogging, cooking, running, gardening, cleaning your closet, or simply helping someone- These are all forms of creating.

When you are in the creating mode, you are fully involved in the activity. You get to channel your emotional energy and focus and in the process you feel energized and productive. Creating hones your mental faculties, improves your skills, and builds your character.

So, today, I judiciously monitor how I spend my time. Am I spending too much time consuming content, no matter it may be good content, when I should be creating? I try to ensure that I am spending more time creating. 

Keep an eye on your create to consume ratio. Try to keep it above 1. You will experience balance.

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