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Goals Or Growth?

Goals or Growth

When you are goal conscious, you are looking at a number, a position, or a date, and you judge yourself based on how well you did in terms of hitting that goal, that number.

When you are growth conscious, more than the goal, you tend to focus on the journey, the process. You see the big picture and understand that any form of success is always through a process.

When you are thinking growth, you are continually developing yourself. You will hit all your goals.

Growth helps you reach the milestones of your goals in your life. When you are growth-oriented, the goal is just a milestone. It is not a finish line. SO once you hit the goal, you don’t start wondering, “what do I do with my life now?”

When you are growth-oriented, you think about the process constantly.

  • I need to build solid relationships.
  • I need to connect with people better.
  • I need to work on my attitude to get me through the difficult times.
  • I need to influence people better.

The moment you try to become a better person, you automatically move from goal orientation to growth orientation.

Here is an example. If you are a goal-oriented leader, you focus on motivating others; you set targets and manage your team to deliver to the plan.

If you are a growth-oriented leader, you will pay more attention to coaching your team and developing their skills. The results will happen as a consequence of the growth in capabilities and skills your team experiences.

Outcomes cease to be the sole determinant of success when you are growth-oriented. But paradoxically when think growth, goals achievement always follows.

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