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Define Your Fear

Define Your Fear

All of us sometimes suffer from some fear or the other that holds us back from living up to our full potential. There is a voice in our head that keeps telling us, “It’s not safe. Hold back”.

Here is one approach I share with many to deal with and overcome self-limiting fears. 

Define Your Fear To Conquer It

To overcome any fear you are struggling with, you have to cut through the vague, ambiguous anxiety and define your fear clearly. 

  • What is it about any situation I am fearful about? 
  • What would happen if what I am fearing comes true? What would the consequences be? 
  • What is the worst that can happen? 
  • What can I do to lessen the impact if something were to go wrong?

The mere process of defining your fears releases the fears and helps you move forward.

The bottom line is this. What you fear doing most is what you most need to do. Otherwise, you will be like a bird caged by its fears, unwilling to experience its freedom.

If you are fearful and worried about something right now, don’t agonize about it in your mind. Instead, bring it out into the open. Define your fear clearly. You will see it losing its hold over you.

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