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Weekend Parable- Island Of Emotions

Island of emotions

There was once an island where all the feelings and emotions lived together in harmony. Then, one day, a big storm blew in from the sea and threatened to drown the island. Every emotion that lived on the island was scared, not knowing what to do. But, one feeling, Love, had the presence of mind to build a boat for everyone on the island to escape. Once the boat was ready, all the inhabitants jumped onto it, except for one.

Love got off the boat to find out who it was. It turned out to be Ego! Love pleaded with Ego to come to the boat, but Ego refused. Everyone asked Love to leave Ego and come back into the boat, but Love was meant to love. So, it remained with Ego.

All other feelings escaped the Island of emotions and survived, but Love died because of Ego !!

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