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Weekend Story-The Two Hunters

Two Hunters

At a multinational workplace, there were two colleagues and competitors, an American and a Japanese, who both enjoyed hunting. One weekend, they went hunting in the jungle together.

On their first day, they explored the outside periphery of the jungle and hunted some wild turkeys. On the second day, they decided to go deeper into the jungle in search of wild hogs. In spite of their best efforts, they didn’t succeed in hunting down any of the elusive animals that were far too nimble for them shoot. After a few hours, the colleagues realized they had run out of ammunition. There were no more bullets to hunt with.

As they huddled under a big tree, unsure of what to do, they heard the roar of a lion that seemed to have noticed their presence in the jungle.

Fear gripped them both. They had no way to defend themselves from the Lion. The American reacted quickly and ran in the opposite direction. The Japanese, meanwhile, stopped. He started changing out of his hunting shoes to put on the running shoes that were there in his rucksack.

Glancing back, the American asked his Japanese colleague, “What are you doing, why are you wasting time? We need to escape the jungle, away from the lion.”. 

Smiling, the Japanese colleague replied, “I am wearing the running shoes so that I can run faster than you.”

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