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Weekend Story- Henry Ford’s Test

henry ford's test

Henry Ford once wanted to hire a planning manager. He shortlisted two candidates who were both brilliant, from the same college, from the same class, and with the same GPA.

To decide whom to select, Henry Ford took them out for dinner. His goal was to see them in a non-work setting.

Following dinner, Henry Ford told one candidate, “You’ve been selected,” and the other, “I’m afraid that we won’t be proceeding with you.”

The young candidate who was not selected summoned the courage and asked Ford- “can I ask you something, sir?”

“Our dinner conversation was not about cars, engineering, or academic performance- we just talked about general things- then, could you please tell me why you chose my friend over me?”

Henry ford responded, “for two reasons. One, your friend tried the steak first and then put salt, whereas you put the salt first, even before tasting the steak. I like people who try things first before they make changes.

Two, a more important reason. Your friend was polite and friendly, saying “thank you” and “please” with all the waiters in the restaurant, whereas to you, they were invisible. You were focused only on me. I like people who see people for who they are without worrying about hierarchy.”

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