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3 Factors Of An Ideal Life

ideal life

Last weekend, I was catching up with a childhood buddy in the US, and we exchanged notes about all the recent developments in our respective lives.

As we got discussing, my friend popped a question for me- At the age we are(both of us are 53), what would be a great life for us going forward?

I shared my perspective of an ideal life in three points. I think what I shared with my friend would resonate with most people.

  1. I want to have a life where I don’t have any financial concerns about doing anything I feel like doing. If I want to travel, I should be able to travel. If I don’t feel like working, I should be able to take a break. If I want to play golf all week, I should be able to play. If I fall sick, I should be able to afford high-class medical care. 
  2. Where ever I am, whatever I may be doing, I want to wake up every morning excited about how I wish to spend my day. I would hate it otherwise.
  3. I want to be around people who are positive, upbeat about life, and creatively active.

 I am living an ideal life if I can be in a constant state of all three points being true for me every day.

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