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Focus On The Path

focus on the path

Here is a simple tip to get better at problem-solving.

Focus on the path, don’t focus on the obstacle.

All too often, when we encounter a problem, our instinctive reaction is to focus on the negative. As a result, our mind wanders toward the adverse.

Unfortunately, when a problem appears, if you keep focusing on it, thinking, “how should I solve this problem?” all you will encounter is more of the same problem.

Instead, focus on ignoring the problem and looking for the opportunity- the path that does not have the obstacle in the way. When you think and look for the path, your subconscious kicks in, helping you identify the clearing through which you can pass.

The nature of reality is that there are always more paths than there are obstacles. So to problem solve better, you just need to get better at looking for the paths.

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