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Beat Scarcity Mindset With Actions Of Abundance

We have all heard the term “The Rich get richer and the Poor get poorer”

Replace Rich with “Abundance mindset” and Poor with “Scarcity mindset” and we get –

“People with an abundance mindset experience more abundance while people with scarcity mindset experience more scarcity.”

What is scarcity mindset? It is a belief that I will never have enough. This mindset stems from a state of lacking.

How can I identify if I am being held back by a scarcity mindset?

If I am having an internal dialogue that goes something like this.

  • “I wish I could afford that.”
  • “This is good enough. I don’t really  need the big house or the new car or the exclusive vacation I had dreamed of ”
  • “I am not good enough”
  • “I wish I were as good as that person”
  • “I don’t think I can take the risk”

Just like a poor person cannot get rich without thinking and operating like a rich person, a person with a scarcity mindset cannot become confident and abundant without taking actions of abundance..

Change starts with knowing whether one is operating with a scarcity mindset. I did not know I was suffering from a scarcity mindset, until one of my mentors pointed it out to me.

It was one of my truly liberating moments. When I knew what was wrong, it was easy for me to make an immediate change.

I decided to ignore my internal voice of scarcity and fear and I started taking actions of abundance.

  • I started sharing knowledge I had with others. I started coaching/mentoring younger colleagues
  • I started sharing my time. – Volunteering- Working in a big MNC helped. I was able to attach myself to CSR programs and commit time liberally.
  • I started sharing my wealth(recently)- Tithing where I donate part of my income to good causes.

Actions speak louder than words. When I give generously , I attract more abundance.

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