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You Don’t Need Permission

Seeking permission for doing anything is ingrained in many of us from when we were kids. To catch up with a friend, to go for a movie, to play a game of cricket-To do anything, we need to ask, we need permission. Maybe it was appropriate for us to take permission when we were kids. 

Unfortunately, as we grow up, taking permission  becomes a habit that we carry into our adult life. For whatever we want to do, we seek validation and permission- from parents, family, friends, and people around.

  • What college degree to pursue.
  • What job to take in what city.
  • What extracurricular activities to take part in.
  • What internships to apply for.
  • What to do during the summer break.

Slowly, without realizing it, we fall into the trap of living our life the way others want us to. We start believing that somehow others know what’s better for us. We start living someone else’s life.

The problem with taking permission is that it absolves us of accountability for whatever happens in our life. If we can take permission, we can also lay blame if something good does not happen.

The only person who should give you permission to do anything is you.

  • You want to take off for the weekend- do it.
  • You want to enroll for the French or Music classes- do it.
  • You want to change your career track- do it.
  • You want to learn dancing- do it.
  • You want to buy yourself an expensive watch- do it.

When you start listening to your own voice and do what you feel is your own choice, you will immediately start feeling better.

Its easier to do something when you know you have the power to take action. We all have the power. The power to lead our life on our terms, the way we want, without taking permission from anyone..

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