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Gratitude And A Prayer

Its day 44 of the lock-down, and it is increasingly becoming evident that life is unlikely to return to how it was before the pandemic crisis.

In my daily interactions with clients, prospects, business partners, friends, colleagues, there is sometimes an exchange of notes on what is happening in one another’s life.

Invariably when someone asks me about how the lock-down is impacting me, my response is guarded. 

“I am coping the best I can like anyone else. The situation is stressful. All our clients are trying to do their best and there is no clarity on when some normalcy will return. Work from Home has its challenges; there is no separation between work and personal life, and time is just flying by”

However, despite all these apparent challenges, the truth is this. 

  • I am alive and well right now.
  • I have a roof on my head.
  • There is food on the table.
  • I have a productive work life.
  • My family is safe and with me.

These are trying times, and people world over today are suffering. Thousands of lives are being snuffed out. Families are losing dear ones. Millions are out of work and fighting to survive. If the lock-down mode continues, many more will surely suffer.

I can only count my blessings for all that is positive and bow in prayer to the divine to ease up and protect those without means and who are suffering. 

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