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Don’t Take The Easy Path

Pain is a doorway to the pleasure of success and fulfillment in life. There is no achievement of any sort without pain.

We are all creations of compulsions and instincts. We go by what gives us pleasure in the current moment, and we do that. We eat junk food, skip the exercise, binge on TV shows, and avoid doing the disciplined stuff to satisfy our senses in the immediate moment.

Living out of our instincts and compulsions is not in our life design. As human beings, it is our privilege to live out of our intelligence. Our intelligence is capable of seeing beyond our instincts. Beyond the obvious that is in front of you, you will realize that the door of immediate pleasure will lead you to a life of mediocrity and future dissatisfaction- while the door of immediate pain will lead you to a life of achievement and success.

It is always better to voluntarily embrace immediate temporary pain to avoid future more permanent pain. So the next time, if your mind convinces you that you will get hurt if you speak up, remember it may be painful at the moment but will protect you from the long term pain of losing your self-esteem and eroding confidence.

When it pertains to pleasure and happiness, it is always better to avoid temporary pleasure so that you can embrace lasting happiness. Remember that the long-term satisfaction of good health is awaiting you as an alternative the next time you are tempted to eat that sugar-laden doughnut.

We need to find the inner strength to look beyond our immediate sensual gratification and accept the pain of not giving in to our immediate desires. That is the doorway to a life full of meaning and fulfillment.

Difficult roads always lead to beautiful destinations.

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