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Do What is Right

“Did you go for your run today?” I heard my wife asking my son late in the evening today when he was moving about in the house.

I could sense that my son was immediately defensive. He had not gone for his run.

“You are asking me this just to make a point. You know that I did not go for my run today. I was doing something more important. Its not as if I don’t know what is good for me. I am responsible,” my son said.

I had to get into this tête-à-tête between my wife and son. Its always fun to Gatecrash into an argument and add your views.

Like a referee trying to broker peace, I chimed in with my perspective.

It is a fact. We all know what the right thing to do is. But, somehow we are unable to indulge in “doing” the right things.

We also know what is Wrong. But, equally, we are unable to “avoid doing” the wrong things.

“You know going for a run is good for you.You are also responsible. Yet, you have not been able to do what you know to be important. So, knowing what is good is of no value until you act on that knowledge you already have with you. Don’t feel defensive about this. It is a common challenge all of us have. Being conscious and trying to improve our strike rate in doing what is right and avoid doing what is wrong is the essence of personal growth.” This is the perspective I gave my son.

You would have guessed it by now.

My son was not very happy with what I had to say. I am sure he wanted to point out a few areas where I was guilty of not following what I was preaching. This is one of the fun aspects of being a father. To be able to tell your child to do something that you may not be practicing all the time!!

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