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Be A Role Model

It’s as good as any other day to reflect on the essence of parenting and being a father.

It is about being a good role model for my kids to live a holistic, healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful, and spiritual life.

While the intent and striving is there to be a good role model, I stumble and fail regularly. Being a role model is tough. I am a father, but I am not perfect. I have to deal with limiting beliefs, petty thoughts, fears, base emotions, which pull me back from the ideal of becoming a better person.

The delicate balance is in showing up authentically where my kids understand that growth and improvement come from relentless striving. It is only human to sometimes fail in the process. There is nothing wrong with failing and being imperfect as long as there is continuous improvement and growth.

In fatherhood, there is no end goal. The calling is not to be a role model for success. It is to demonstrate through the life you live that it is possible to have a multi-dimensional experience that does not compromise one facet for the other. We can be healthy, wealthy, loving, blissful, and spiritual at the same time.

My father has been the sculptor who has shaped me to be the person I am today. At 89 years, he continues to inspire me to manage a multi-dimensional life through the energy, passion, and zest he has for whatever he does.

I can only hope I am doing as good a job at being a father as my father.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day !!!

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