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Be Careful-Watch Your Internal Language

Internal Language Matters

You can say that you have transformed and changed only when the internal language you use for yourself changes.

What others tell you will not change you. What you say to yourself is what will change you.

If everybody around you is telling you, “You can do it,” but your internal messaging is “I am not sure” or “I can’t do it”. You will very likely fail at whatever it is you are pursuing.

If everybody in your world believes that you have great potential, but you keep telling yourself that “I am not good enough,” there is no way you will deliver to your potential.

In contrast, even if nobody around you believes that you can do it, but your internal language is “I know I can do it,” you have expanded the possibility of your success.

Your internal language is a reflection or your thoughts. So if your language is positive, it means your thinking is positive. If it is negative, you are sabotaging yourself.

So, whatever your true feelings may be, prime yourself to use language that is empowering.

If someone judges you and tells you something negative like “you can’t do it,” silently whisper to yourself, “I’ll prove you wrong.”

By the same token, if someone appreciates and encourages you to go after something big, say it aloud “Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’ll prove you right.”

You are your best friend. Communicate with yourself the way your best friend would. Use positive language always, and try not to put yourself down.

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