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Channel Your Energies

Channel Your Energy

A couple of days back, I wrote about how it is essential to keep your life simple and focus your energy on the vital few instead of the distracting many. Today, I want to share a further perspective on where to channelize your energies and why.

What we experience in our life is a manifestation of where we invest our focus and energies. If one looks back at all the achievements in life, almost all of them happened as a consequence of our channeled focus.

Think of your Energy like water. If you take water in a watering can and irrigate the Garden Bed, would only the flowering plants grow, or would the weeds also grow. Both right ?? Water cannot tell the difference between the Flowering Plants and the Weeds. It feeds both.

Energy is the same way. Like water, wherever it gets directed, it helps grow. So, if you direct your energy into positive pursuits, those will prosper. Instead, if you direct your energy into meaningless pursuits, more of those will manifest in my life. Energy does not have the ability to distinguish between what is positive and what is negative- where your focus goes your energy flows and builds.

What can we do to channel our energies and focus efficiently?

First, stop hemorrhaging your focus and energy to the distractions that are around us.

Second, conserve energy. When you curtail the distractions, you naturally create space. Don’t fill that valuable space with activities that do not feed your life goals.

Third, accumulate energy. Prepare yourself and commit the focus to fuel your life goals.

Then, take the accumulated energy and channel it into whatever it is you want to grow. Be prepared to sacrifice your short term pleasures for the higher purpose of your life goals. The energy to feed your discipline and will-power will come from here.

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