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Become More Valuable

Become More Valuable

One of the fundamental lessons of Economics is that as individuals, we get paid for the value we create. One doesn’t get paid for the time. Creating value is not easy and it may take time, but the undeniable fact is this. You get paid for the value created and not for the time invested in creating value.

A battery cannot give out more power than what its intrinsic capacity is. So it is with us individuals. You can’t create more value than what is inside you at any point. So if you are young and wanting to experience growth, particularly in the current post-pandemic world, remember this- Your economic growth is a function of how valuable you can become. The more you work on yourself, the better you do in the marketplace.

One of the big frustrations that I see many youngsters experiencing is that they are looking for above-average growth and breaks in their careers while being very average in their outlook and thinking. 

It is not just your academic credentials that make you. It is the whole package- Your academic prowess, your mindset, your Emotional Quotient, your attitude, your communication capabilities, your intensity, your energy, your interpersonal skills, and your physical well being. Getting better means tangibly working on all of these internal dimensions.  

  • You think you don’t need to be good at communication because your work will speak for you. That will not do.
  • You do great on your deliverables, but you will not manage your relationships. It will be a road to loneliness.  
  • You focus on honing your skills, but you will not do something about your low energy issues- You will falter sooner than later.  
  • You are very efficient at everything you do, but you are diabetic and overweight- You are not future-proofing yourself.

If you want to experience tangible success of any sort in the material realm, learn to work harder on yourself than on your job. For things to change on your outside, you have to change inside. It does not matter whether you are a high school kid or a business executive; the simple truth is this- Things get better for you only when you get better. Focus on becoming more valuable.

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    • Thank you. Here is how I see it.

      We can only display whatever value we have inside us, nothing more, and it is important to market oneself. The problem arises when one puts more effort in showcasing his/ her value and hoping that the market will somehow give more. The market will still reward someone only for the value created and not the effort put in to demonstrate the value.

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