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You Are An Evolving Consciousness

You Are An Evolving Consciousness

Our consciousness is what differentiates us from animals. Consciousness is the uniquely human ability to understand that we are alive. It is what gives us the power to act independently of our instincts.

For an animal, if it is hungry, it has to hunt and eat. Its Physiology controls its action.

For humans, it is different. Our consciousness gives us the unique power to disconnect from our physical and mental instincts. It helps us to operate to a standard that we can set for ourselves. I can choose to fast for two days against my body’s need for nutrition. Or, I can choose to be silent in the face of provocation or wish to be happy for no reason.

Every human being has a consciousness that is unique to him or her.

When we say awareness, we refer to our “consciousness” that is aware of what is happening in our body and our mind- What our senses are perceiving, what our mind is thinking. Because it can sense what is happening in our body and mind, our consciousness, in a way, is the master that can control both the mind and the body.

The core purpose of our consciousness is to elevate us to a higher plane of existence. Our consciousness looks to expand anything that will be life positive for us and shrink anything that is life negative.

What do I mean by this?

Anything that is not good for our well being can only happen when we are not conscious of it. E.g., Someone is a chain smoker. Smoking is bad for health and therefore, life negative. The individual becomes a smoking addict because he is not operating consciously. His mind(which is not the same as consciousness) and his body get habituated to the smoking to a point where he becomes hostage to the habit. One day the person’s consciousness and awareness assert themselves, and in a conscious state, he realizes the harm smoking is doing to his body. He decides to give up smoking. Despite the cravings, his consciousness keeps reminding him to maintain the discipline to stop smoking. And, in due course, he kicks the habit.

The beauty of our consciousness is that it knows what is right and what is wrong. So you just have to be aware of the fact that you have slipped- maybe you cheated, you lied, you did something wrong. Just the awareness is enough; your consciousness will elevate you.

When you are conscious, you are able to watch yourself. As long as you are able to watch yourself, you will find that you automatically start operating to a higher standard.

  • So when you become conscious of the fact that you are spending way too much time on social media, you will automatically start pulling back and controlling your urge.
  • When you become conscious of how you are wasting your time pursuing meaningless chores, you begin to look for what is essential for you in your life, and you create space to pursue that. 
  • If you become conscious of the fact that you are stagnating, you find ways to develop yourself.
  • When you become conscious that gratitude makes you joyful, you will be in a state of gratitude.

We are an evolving consciousness. It is in our nature to constantly push ourselves to a higher standard.

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