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Take The Hard Road

Rainy Day

I have been lucky to have some brilliant bosses from the time when I started in my first job.

My first boss told me this story when I started my first job in Computer Sales, fresh out of college.

Two men wake up one morning. There is a rainstorm. One of them looks out of the window, sees the rainstorm, and he thinks-“Wow, what a storm. With the weather like this, I Can’t really be expected to go out and make sales.” He stays at home relaxes and waits for the storm to pass over.

The same morning, there is another person who looks out of his window, sees the same storm, and thinks-“Wow, what a storm!! With the weather like this, most people will be home, especially the other salesmen. What a great day to go out and make a sale.” He makes calls on the phone, takes risks, and goes out to try his luck.

“Pramod, remember it’s not what happens that determines what you do with your life and career. It’s about what you do. What choices you make. Are you willing to do the challenging stuff instead of taking the easy choice? Will you make the 100 calls a day to connect with as many people as possible to make the sale, or will you say you tried your best? “

This nugget of advice has been one of my guiding principles. The choices you make decide the outcomes you experience in life and career. Also, the growth you experience is directly proportional to the challenges you overcome.

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