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Deal With The Enemy Within

Enemy Within
The Enemy Within

This morning, as I was catching up with the news around the world, I was drawn to a news item. It was about the wife of a movie star revealing his favorite spot in the house during the lockdown. It was his home Gymnasium. The news item had an Instagram video clip posted by the wife, embedded. I got drawn to clicking on the link, and the video showed the Movie star running on the treadmill in his home Gymnasium.

This is how mindless distraction starts and there was a voice in my head going, “Are you nuts? It’s the best part of the day in the morning, and you want to get sucked into this?”

So, I immediately tried to exit the page on my browser. Just then, my eyes fell on the ending part of the video. The video panned on a big Poster that adorned one wall of the Gym which said-

As long as there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do no harm

Wow what a profound message I thought to myself !! I put my phone aside.

Is it not true? When we have problems inside our head, we don’t need problems outside, to sabotage us. Our minds can do that for us. When our mind is in a good place, external issues cannot harm us. We know how to deal with them.

Our mind is like a Kingdom, and if we let enemies like ego, bad habits, distractions build up inside us, they will eviscerate the good that we have within us. We will become our biggest enemy.

Take care. Every day stand guard at the door of your mind. Protect yourself from the enemies that are looking to go inside.

I guess a distraction can occasionally be good like it was this morning. After all, I got to see an inspiring message.

PS: The news item was about a reigning Telugu film star.

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