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Accept Yourself

Empathy Starts With Accepting Yourself

Empathy is when you see the world as someone else sees it. When you have empathy, it means you can understand what a person is feeling in a given moment. More importantly, you understand why others do what they do.

Unfortunately, your empathy can only occur in proportion to your own self-acceptance. Only when you accept your own flawed emotions, thoughts, and mindset can you look at the flaws and emotions and minds of others. Instead of judging others for their shortcomings, you develop a feeling of compassion for the others. You put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

“Oh, he’s messed up in his head. I have been where he is today. I wonder what his trouble is”

Your compassion and understanding for others is directly proportional to the compassion and understanding you have for yourself. Self-awareness is the doorway to loving and accepting yourself for who are. When you accept yourself, you are naturally empathetic.

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