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Don’t Resist The Present

Don’t Resist Your Present Reality
  • You have been working 12 hours days continuously, and it’s stressing you out.
  • You hear rumors about downsizing, and you are stressed that your name may feature if and when a redundancy list comes out. 
  • The market is soft, and your sales numbers are flagging. You are stressing about not being able to make your sales incentives.
  • You made an accounting error and did not report it. That someone may discover this error is stressing you out. 

Stress does not come on its own from any of these scenarios. It comes from your negative thinking about your present situation. Instead of accepting whatever is happening, you wish that the situation were different. 

Stress comes from you wanting your present moment to be different from what it is. When you start wishing that your current state be different from what it is, you resist the natural flow of what is happening. It is like a rower trying to row the boat upstream against a strong current. You will not go far and you will be exhausted fast.

When you accept your current reality for what it is, you will find yourself in a better place.

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