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Be In The Now

Life Is In The NOW

Everything that we do at any moment is often to serve some outcome in the future.

  • Studying NOW to prepare for an exam
  • Driving NOW to reach a destination.
  • Arguing with someone NOW to prove that you are right.
  • Making a presentation NOW to showcase the work you are doing and gain appreciation.
  • Thinking about how to solve an issue NOW to avoid hurt in the future.  

When you are doing something in the moment, while thinking about the outcome in the future, you are disconnected from your present moment. Instead of paying attention to what you are doing, your mind is occupied in visualizing the future possibility.

Unfortunately, when your mind is thinking of something else instead of focusing on what you are doing in the present moment, the quality of whatever you are doing will suffer. And as a consequence, you will also experience stress.  

“Oh god, I have so much more to study, I’ll tank the exams.”

In contrast, when you physically and mentally focus on what you are doing, you will feel powerful and in control.

Competing in a sport or playing a musical instrument or preparing for an exam or making a presentation- are you in the moment?

If you are in the moment, entirely focusing on your game or task, you are likely in a state of flow. On the other hand, If you are thinking of winning, success, and appreciation while doing whatever it is you are doing in the present moment, you are disconnected from your present moment awareness.

Our mind is always one step ahead, thinking about the next moment instead of operating to serve your present moment. Slow it down and practise being the moment.

In the book Power of NOW, Eckhart Tolle said it nicely “Nothing ever happened in the past; It happened in the NOW. Nothing will ever happen in the future. It will happen in the NOW.”

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