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Beware Of The Company You Keep

You Are The Average Of The People Who Spend Your Most Time With

A seed planted in a rocky, weed-infested terrain cannot sprout and thrive. It will germinate and then struggle to grow into a weak plant. On the other hand, when we till the land, take out the weeds and rocks and plant the same seed, it will grow into a firm, healthy tree.

Our environment is like the earth, and we are like a seed planted in the ground to take root and grow in life and career. Our environment comprises the people we engage with, in our day-to-day life- family, friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, bosses, clients. The people you spend the most time will shape who you are- how you think, behave, and operate daily.

  • If you deal with high caliber people – Disciplined, analytical, inspirational, empathetic, supportive- you will likely see your thinking evolving and you working to a higher standard.
  • When you engage with pessimistic insecure people, it is only a matter of time before the pessimism and insecurity rub off on you. You become uncertain and unsure of your actions as a consequence.
  • You operate in a working environment where people gossip often. Without being aware of it, you are very likely to gossip yourself.

Who are the people in your environment?

Are you in an environment that says it is ok to be ordinary, negative, petty, and low caliber?


Do you surround yourself with people pushing you to improve, to grow, be ambitious? And do they inspire you to express your potential and be an achiever?

There is this powerful message-“You are the average of the people you engage with.”

Do you have more people in your life who are challenging you to grow than those who are pulling you down to lower levels? What is the average of the people you have in your life? If the average is lower than who you are, invest in actively building your social network with the right people. Please don’t leave it to proximity or chance to determine who you engage with closely. Work on bringing new people superior to you, into your life.

Your game improves when you play with those better than you. Take on mentors, connect with people with more experience than you have. Grow your average.

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