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Your Success Is In You Becoming Better

Your Success Is In Becoming A Better Person

In my mid-thirties, when I was relentlessly pursuing growth in my professional career in terms of titles, more oversized pay packages, more visibility, more power, etc., one of my mentors did something smart. He introduced me to a book titled “keys to success” by Jim Rohn. Jim is one of the foremost gurus of personal development.

In reading that brilliant book, I learned something very profound.

Success is something we attract and not something we run after. Success is always looking for a good place to stay. Instead of going after success, you work on becoming eligible for success to come and stay with you.

When you become better, you naturally attract success. So, when you are doing some job or pursuing some goal, don’t ask yourself, “what am I getting. ” Instead, ask yourself, ” what am I am becoming in the process of doing this job?”.

When considering taking up a new role, don’t ask, “What will I be paid?” Instead, start with the question ” What can I become in doing this role” Take the job because of what you can become in doing that job- A better leader, a more proficient communicator, problem-solver, and so on.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger is your growth, when you overcome the challenge.

You become a better mountaineer when you scale a higher, tougher peak. In taking a bigger, more audacious goal, you will grow bigger and become better than when you take on a small goal.

This principle applies very nicely whenever we are stuck, unsure if we should take a new opportunity or pass it. When you see the role from the lens of what it will make of you instead of what it will give you, you will appreciate that value the new opportunity brings to you.

The satisfaction that comes from achieving something does not really come from what you get. It comes from what you become-Better and more proficient !!

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