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Take On Bigger Goals to Become A Bigger Person

Your Goals Give Your Life Meaning

Goals in themselves do not have any intrinsic value for us. The value comes from the sense of personal growth, fulfillment, and satisfaction that we derive from achieving the goals.

Let’s take a typical real-life situation.

Someone is about 10 kilos off his ideal weight. That person takes on a goal to shed 10 kilos weight in 90 days.

What does this person do to achieve his goal?

He consults a trainer with whose help he creates a plan. The plan has the following elements.

  1. Control diet- Cut Carbs, Processed Foods, and Sugar intake 
  2. Exercise for at least 1 hour a day with intensity.
  3. Do resistance and weight training three times a week. 
  4. Eat before 7 pm every day.
  5. Maintain a good regimen. Sleep well.

The individual is very disciplined. He ensures that he sticks to the plan given by his trainer.

He makes sacrifices by eschewing late nights and staying away from the junk food he so loves.

And, he is consistent. Every day he exercises. He also ensures that he has his dinner by 7 pm, and sleeps by 11.30 pm.

He manages to lose the 10 Kilos a week before the 90-day target he gave himself.

Looking back, the personal growth the person has experienced is infinitely more valuable than the 10 kilos weight he has lost.

What the person got by achieving the goal is insignificant compared to what he became by achieving the goal.

He became more disciplined, more focused, more strong-willed, more consistent, and more result-oriented in the process of losing weight. He became a better person.

You might now ask, what would have happened if the person failed in his objective by losing only 6 Kilos instead of 10 kilos. Well, he may have not hit the target but he still grew as a person because he still lost some weight.

This is the beauty of taking on challenging goals, tasks. They may not be attained at all. But, having that audacious goal serves as a motivation to aim higher. Goals give our life meaning because they help us grow.

Take on challenging goals for what they make of you—a bigger, better version of yourself.

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