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Life Is A Cake

Life Is A Cake

Baking is one of the hobbies of my younger son. A few days back, after a long day at school, my son decided to relax by baking a lovely chocolate moist cake.

As I observed him going through the process of baking the cake, something very interesting struck me.

The ingredients he used were Water, Eggs, Butter, Flour, Oil, Chocolate Flakes, Sugar, Essence, and the Baking Oven. None of these items are tasty. In fact, most of the ingredients, individually, are downright inedible. Imagine eating a raw Egg or consuming Oil or Flour !!

However, when all these items are mixed in the right proportion and put through the searing heat in an oven, you get a lovely moist cake.

The making of a cake is a good metaphor for our life.

All the difficulties, challenges, the bad moments, bad relationships, like the individual ingredients in a cake, feel negative and distasteful when seen in isolation. But when seen in the context of our life as a whole, they are the necessary ingredients for a beautiful life.

When you take these experiences in the right proportion, you become a complete human being, a strong human being. Remove the challenges, difficulties, and you are not worth much.

Why do many successful people inspire us? Because they have overcome odds and succeeded despite challenges.

No one respects people who get it easy. We all know of someone who has got it easy in life without much of a struggle. When we come across such folks, we only have contempt for them.

So if you are going through some challenges currently and facing some difficult moments, don’t despair. When you look back at these experiences, you will say they made a pretty good cake of life.

As a last thought, if we face our difficulties and challenges with a positive attitude, it is like the icing on the cake. Our positive attitude enhances the taste of our cake.

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