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Weekend Story- Two Men And The Donkey

Two men and donkey

Once upon a time, a man and his young nephew were walking their donkey in their village. The young boy rode on the donkey while the adult walked along. 

As they passed the village center, some people hanging about there started passing snide comments.

” Can you look at that young man sitting on the donkey while the old man is walking? Kids have no respect for adults nowadays. He is young. Why can’t he let the older man ride the donkey? “

Overhearing them, the boy looked at his adult companion sheepishly and dismounted the donkey. Then, he asked his uncle to ride the donkey.

After passing a few hundred meters, a bunch of kids playing at the village ground saw the man on the donkey and commented – “look at the shameless old man. He is sitting on the donkey and making the young lad walk.”  

Now, the older man and his nephew decided that neither of them should ride the donkey. So both started walking alongside the donkey.

They passed some distance before a few farmers who were tilling the land saw them walking alongside the donkey, and they commented:

” How stupid are those two to walk in such sunny weather when they have a robust donkey to ride ..” 

Now the man and his nephew decided to ride the donkey together. 

Finally, just as they were about to cross the bridge across the village culvert, a few people standing on the side commented- “What heartless people- sitting on the donkey and going up the bridge. The poor animal is sure to collapse.”

The uncle and his nephew now wondered, “these people are probably right; our donkey could get hurt.”  So, they decided to carry the donkey across the bridge, on their shoulders, instead of riding it. 

However, just as they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the animal. As a result, the poor donkey fell into the rushing waters and got washed away.

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