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Don’t Give Excuses

Don’t Give Excuses

Giving excuses- This is one bad habit that pulls many back from going after any achievement.

An excuse is a reason why we choose to do something or not to do something.

An excuse always comes after a “BECAUSE.”

  • I could not wake up BECAUSE I was too tired to wake up.
  • It was difficult for me to control my diet BECAUSE everyone around me was eating, and I was tempted.
  • I could not practice my Music lessons BECAUSE I had lots of school work to complete.
  • I did not complete this task BECAUSE I did not feel like doing the work.

Many are adept at giving creative excuses to escape the burden of taking responsibility. Someone said it nicely, an excuse is just a lie wrapped in a reason.

  • If you say you are tired to go for a jog, are you really tired? Tiredness is not in the body; it’s just an excuse in mind. If you have a dog chasing after you at this moment of fatigue, will you run or will you say you are tired?
  • Similarly, when you say you don’t feel like doing something, someone offers you a fat bonus for completing that work, would you complete the task or not?

The excuse of tiredness is a false message you give yourself conveniently, not to do something. I am tired; I don’t have time, money, resources, opportunities, etc. These are all excuses.

Giving excuses is a mental disease. It prepares you for failing at whatever you want to do.

Integrity is the vaccination that destroys the virus of giving excuses. If you say you will do something, do it. You believe in something, do it. If it is vital for you, do it. When you show integrity, you cannot give excuses.

Take responsibility and commit yourself to do whatever you need to do for your personal growth and progress. Don’t be mediocre by giving excuses.

If you want to experience life as a winner- find the right excuses- To do what is required for you to succeed.

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