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“What Do I Value?”


“How do I figure out what are those things I value most in my life? I am confused.” A friend said to me in a recent conversation.

“It’s not very complicated to figure that out. There must be some things you that you keep count of. Some things you measure and track every day. Those are the things you truly value in your life.” I told this person.

If you track your investments every day, it is clear that managing money is very important for you.

If you get on to the weighing scale every day to check your weight, it is obvious you are very particular about controlling your weight.

If you look at your “to-do” list every day to cross out items executed, it means being on top of your work is important.

If you check how your calendar is organized every day, it is apparent that you value time.

If you count your blessings and happiness every day, then it’s no surprise that being in a happy state is critical for you.

So, If you are ever confused about what you genuinely value, look at you what you count, measure, and track every day. This will reveal the truth about what you value.

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