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Enrich Your Mind

Enrich Your Mind
Develop A Habit Of Reading

Money, Assets, Investments constitute the wealth we all possess in the material realm of our life. We measure our wealth in monetary value- Fifty Thousand Dollars, a Millionaire, etc.

Knowledge is the wealth in the spiritual realm of our life. It is the currency of our Mind. We acquire knowledge by reading Books and through experiences that we gain by doing different kinds of stuff. The more knowledge we gain, the richer our Mind will be. The richer our Mind is, the more it will brim with wisdom and ideas.

Conversely, a mind shallow in knowledge is poor.

Do You Have A Rich Mind?

Let me give you a simple diagnostic to figure out for yourself the answer to this question.

  • Do you feel restless and directionless often?
  • When you have any free time, do you feel bored and have an urge to check on Instagram or TikTok?
  • Do you find yourself constantly imagining your future?

If the answer to these three questions is a No, No, and a No, Congratulations. You have a rich mind. A mind seeking knowledge of any sort is never bored, lonely, or directionless. It is always enthusiastic in pursuit of more knowledge.

There is a lovely quote by Elanor Rosevelt that goes like this- “Small minds discuss people; Average minds discuss events; Great minds discuss ideas.” We can substitute small with poor and great with rich in this quote, and the meaning will be the same.

Rich minds always operate to a higher standard. 

Invest In Enriching Your Mind Every Day

No matter who you are- a student, professional, entrepreneur, executive, CEO, homemaker- you have a choice to invest some focussed and uninterrupted time daily in acquiring knowledge of some sort.

Money is homogenous and fungible- irrespective of whether you earn it by being a surgeon, a musician, a programmer, an entrepreneur, or a writer. Similarly, knowledge is fungible. It does not matter whether you are learning about Calligraphy or Meditation or Physics, French, or Relationships- Knowledge of any sort is a fungible currency in the world of our Mind.

So, how much time do you spend enriching your Mind every day?

Five Ways To Enrich Your Mind

Here is my list of Top 5 habits to help me enrich my Mind and keep fit mentally.

  1. Reading Books– Books are food for the soul. You could go paperback or kindle- whatever your interest- Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, Science, Technology, Success, Productivity- There is a veritable choice of Books. 
  2. Podcasts-Particularly when I am driving, this is a great way to keep learning.
  3. Youtube Videos– Reading non-fiction requires focus and concentration. Unless the book is a masterpiece, reading happens in blocks of 1 hour a day. However, Youtube videos are a more accessible format to learn from. Ted Talks, School of Life, Be Inspired are examples of the kind of content I refer to. 
  4. Free Writing and Journaling-This is a great format to cement concepts and ideas that I learn into structured themes in my own words.  
  5. Mentoring-When I share my ideas and knowledge with others, I am enriching my Mind. 

Benjamin Franklin said it so nicely- An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Enrich your Mind.

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