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Definition of success
A Definition Of Success- Achieve What You Set Out to Achieve.

Here’s an interesting thought to consider.

What would be a good definition of success in life?

If we consistently achieve what we set out to achieve, that would be success.

My Mother’s life goal was to be a great homemaker- instill good values in her kids, cook as an art, manage the family budget to ensure no one felt the pinch of operating on a budget.

My Father’s goal was to be a teacher, researcher, and a loving parent to his kids.

A friend of mine wanted to serve the community by helping people deal with stress and personal wellness issues. He quit his cushy corporate job to pursue his aspiration.

In my book, my Mother, Father, and my Friend, they all are very successful because they have consistently achieved what they set out to achieve.

I like this format of defining success because it focuses solely on what we set out to achieve for ourselves, whether on the work front or in the personal domain.

One should take care not to fall into the trap of trying to live our life based on someone else’s aspiration.

  • He has a lavish lifestyle. I want to maintain a similar lifestyle too.
  • My friend’s kid is an engineer. I want my son to be an engineer too.
  • I love that person is his own boss. Here I am tired of working in an organization. I want to be an entrepreneur too.

 We make success complicated by creating our aspirations based on someone else’s success.

It would help if you learned to keep it simple. Sure, take inspiration from the success of others. But figure out what you truly aspire. For e.g If you desire to be an amateur musician and that requires you to moderate your career trajectory, don’t be frightened of doing that. 

Your success is you living your life on your terms, pursuing what you truly aspire. 

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